What is CoinstoEx?

CoinstoEx is a multi assets trading exchange platform powered by CoinstoPlatform ecosystem.

To provides a safe and secured Cryptocurrency exchange platform for traders, buyers and sellers of digital assets all over the world.

Our mission is to see people trade happily with zero fears of losing funds to hackers. We employed tight security measures to keep users fund safe and secured. With an intuitive interface easy for both beginners and professional traders of digital assets.

CoinstoEx is giving her users the opportunity to earn passively while holding it native token CSX in the exchange platform. We have allocated 40% (percent) of trading fee to CSX holders and 10% to CSO(CoinstoPlatform ecosystem token) a total of 50% of trading fees go to holders of our tokens.

CoinstoEx will only accommodate quality projects to protect her users. The exchange platform we have a strong review team(expert) to oversee this area, to make sure we provide a better and safe trading environment to traders.

Why Choose CoinstoEx?

CoinstoEx has a variety of features that make it the best place to start trading.

1. Fast withdrawals

Digital Currency withdrawals are processed continually on the blockchain and fiat withdrawals are processed daily on business days.

2. Intuitive platform
We have worked hard to make the trading of Cryptos and Fiat as intuitive as possible.

3. Instant KYC
KYC submissions are reviewed continually and within 24 hours of submission.

4. Revenue Sharing
CSX and CSO holders are entitled to a share of 40% and 10% respectively of the trading fee revenue generated on CoinstoEx.

5. Manage Your Portfolio
Buy and sell popular digital currencies, keep track of them in one place.

6. Recurring Buys
Invest in cryptocurrency slowly over time by scheduling buys daily, weekly, or monthly.

7. Vault Protection
For added security, store your funds in a vault with time delayed withdrawals.

8. Mobile Apps
Stay on top of the markets with the CoinstoEx app for Android or iOS.

Our Marketing Strategies

Our marketing strategies are unique and authentic in order to sustain and stand out from the existing competitors. We have a team of market experts who will offer effective marketing as follows;

1. Social Media Marketing:
Social media is the most effective marketing tool there is, as it will help reach a wide range of customers all around the world. Coinsto exchange platform will be promoted pro-actively through various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, etc.

2. Media and Public Relations:
We’ll collaborate with the best and the most reliable PR agencies in the market. Due to the constantly emerging demand and competition for crypto exchange platforms, we will carry out press releases and media exposures for Coinsto exchange that will create a strong identity among the investors, globally.

3. Influencer Marketing:
We are connected with the currently trending influencers in the market, who will be the voice for coinsto exchange among investors. Our influencers are bloggers, popular faces of social media, YouTube-vloggers, etc.

4. Bounty Program:

Bounty programs have also become an integral part of marketing. Our digital marketing experts will conduct bounty programs to promote Coinsto exchange among potential investors, where they are assigned certain tasks and rewarded accordingly. This would encourage them to learn and invest in Coinsto exchange (CSX).

5. Community building:
Community is essential as it will help build trust among investors and credibility for for Coinsto exchange in the market. We already have a large community of over 100k members across all platforms. We’ll not relent but continue to recruit more.


CSX is the exchange platform token minted on Tron blockchain. listing fees and trading fees will be charged in CSX.


Name:     CoinstoEx

Ticker:     CSX

Decimal:  18

Type:         TRC20

Blockchain: Tron

Contract Address: TJxU6TzuixbCagS3cXBpXHJGuqBY3awkJv




  • Q3 2020

    📌Whitepaper developed
    📌Smart contract created
    📌Website developed
  • Q4 2020

    📌Token Sales

    📌CSX Exchange listing



  • Q1 2021

    📌Exchange launch


    📌Free listing of quality projects

  • Q2-3 2021

    📌Paid listing

    📌Buy back program

    📌Exchange staking program

    📌Bounty program

  • Q4 2021

    📌Fiat gateway

    📌Coinstopay launch

Our Vision

Our Vision to regain trust in cryptocurrency trading, to give newbies and professionals a reliable platform to exchange their digital assets with almost zero trading fees.

Our Mission

Our mission is to see people trade happily with zero fears of losing funds to hackers. We employed tight security measures to keep users fund safe and secured.